Wednesday, June 19, 2013

There are things called a leash...

Madi, our Corgi-German Sheppard mix, received a postcard in the mail last week reminding her to go to the vet for her yearly check up. As you can imagine she was just chomping at the bit to go (no sarcasm there). So like a good doggie owner I scheduled her appt.

Yesterday was the big day. Poor Madi was anxious and wondering what in the world was going on because it was just her getting into the car. (We always take both dogs out together but this time Strudel stayed home). You can imagine our shy, anxious dog is on high alert when we pulled into the parking lot but she was a good trouper and followed Jason on her leash and all seemed ok until.....

Some idiot was leaving when we were going in and they didn't have their dog on a leash; their dog rushed my poor Madi and attacked her! Luckily Jason grabbed Madi as I grabbed the other dog. Madi is ok and was not hurt but boy was I mad. I told the owners ( who just stood there) that they need to get a leash for their dog. Seriously, how can you not put your dog in a leash, some people!

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