Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Monday

Well it has been no stop for me, it's been go, go, go but it has been great to stay busy (ok can you sense that I have had to much soda)!

During my latest creative binge I whipped up this nifty birthday card (nifty? really, where did that come from?)

I must have traveled back to the 70's for this color scheme, heck it doesn't matter where I went, I think the end result is awesome! (Ok I may be tooting my horn a tad much hehe) The flower was created using circle punches and the center is a little bling to tie it all together :)


 I wanted to carry similar elements to the inside of the card. To do this I added a circle to the corner of where you would write your birthday wishes.

If you can't tell I am thrilled at how this card came out, here lately I have been working on holiday items and it was a refreshing break to get away from snowman and witches!

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