Saturday, April 6, 2013

April Already????

 Before I ramble on too much I have an update on my mom. She had her surgery on March 28th on her right hand. She is healing just fine and when I talked to my dad today he said the incision is starting to itch :) She will see the Dr on the 12th for her post-opt check up

Holy smokes where did time go?

My intentions have been to write something witty, clever, interesting just to write something at least once a week for starters. Then I wanted to live dangerously and try blogging twice to three times a week! So much for good intentions, right now I am lucky to write once a month. Time has gotten away from me it seems. Not to worry though, once May 5th passes I will be free to write to my little hearts content or until my fingers fall of; whatever comes first..

Why May 5th you ask, that is when I am officially done with my Masters Program and things will slow down a little for me. This year has been a hectic one.  My brain is swimming with new craft ideas I can't wait to share them with the masses.

Well off I go, back to the world of school. If I work hard now I can have a little time to watch the Wichita Shockers tonight :)


Kristin Wolke

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