Saturday, February 23, 2013

Things are looking up!

Well I have been slipping with my posts, I apologize. Things have been hectic, I am on the downside of my Masters (I graduate in May) and the school year is quickly flying by ( I can't believe it is almost March) and now with the snow storm of the season I haven't had a moment to write or craft or anything :(

I did want to take a moment to tell you a little good news about my mom. We have been waiting on a call from the hospital about her surgery. As you may remember they need to approve it before we can schedule it because she doesn't have insurance. We have been waiting since last December and they finally called!

Here is the skinny, the hospital ordered 4 weeks of therapy and braces for her arms. At the end of the 4 weeks she will be reevaluated by her surgeon. While that is good news in a way it is kinda frustrating  because she has already had therapy and braces before and it didn't work but they want to try it again one more time. Of course I was afraid since she didn't have insurance that we would have to pay for all of the therapy but the hospital said they are going to cover the therapy since they are the ones who ordered it.

My mom is one step closer to getting the help she needs and deserves.

I want to say thank you for everyone who has continued to pray and send happy thoughts. My mom's spirit is boosted by this latest news and I am excited as well.

Mom, I know you will read this so let me say to you, I love you and Dad and I am glad we finally have something to look forward to!


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